Summer Time!

The Spring Cleaning Special was intense, but a really fun kind of intense!  I loved meeting so many new people.  My wax distributer thought I was making candles by the time I put in my fourth order for wax in a 15 day period!  All I could tell them was that we like to be smooth on the Palouse!

While the last few weeks were definitely dominated by wax, I did get the chance to do some permanent cosmetics too.  The Soft Tap method allows me to add such nice details when applying permanent cosmetics, and I had a lot of fun blending colors on a few of my clients to produce the ideal shade.  It is a great artistic out for me.

I love that the sun is deciding to come out and play!  Summer on the Palouse is the best!  I do, however, feel obligated as your Skin Care Professional to remind you that the sun is an ageing oven for your skin. Enjoy it, but protect yourself too!   Make sure you have a daily use sunscreen of at least SPF 30.  If you have questions about which sunscreen is appropriate for your skin type don’t hesitate to come in or email me!

I will announce the specifics for the Grand Opening soon.  I really intended to do it a little sooner, but ya’ll have kept me pretty busy! J

I will be hosting a local artist at the Salon for Art Walk on the 14th of June.   Moscow’s own Nick Beymer will be displaying his stunning photography, and I will have wine and snacks on hand, so stop in, hang out and enjoy some art and great company!

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