Waxing Tips for a Great Brazilian!

I can’t believe that the Holidays came and went so fast!  Maybe it was the late Thanksgiving, or the gorgeous weather, but this winter has not felt like a typical winter.  It wasn’t until I started booking up the week of Valentine’s, that I realized how close it is!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to be in this business.  I love being a part of making it a fun, special day!  The week of Valentine’s I get a lot of first time waxers, and that makes it extra fun.  I think we all remember our first time going in for a wax…scared, embarrassed, and not sure what to expect.  I love to see how quickly my new clients become comfortable with the process, and realize that it is truly nothing to be afraid of…then they experience the after-math, and understand why we all do it ;)!

Here are a few first-timer tips for my new waxers coming in over the next couple of weeks:

1. Where you get waxed makes a difference!  Like everything else in life, waxing services can vary based on the experience and training of the individual performing the work.  Luckily, in this day and age, it is far easier to research local spas.  Look for licensed, insured Estheticians who have experience performing the service you are seeking.  A referral from someone you know and trust can be the easiest way to find the right place.  Sometimes it is helpful to book a less intimate service, such as a brow or lip wax, to gage your comfort level with the salon and the Esthetician.  A good Esthetician will always make your comfort top priority.

2. Sanitation is imperative for a successful, pleasant waxing procedure.  The salon should be clean, with fresh coverings on the bed, and freshly sanitized equipment.

3. You should avoid shaving for approximately 10 days prior to your appointment, depending on your rate of hair growth.  Normal hair needs to be at least ¼” in length, and coarse hair may need to be slightly longer to assure a thorough wax.

4. Waxing and sunburns do not mix well.  Avoid tanning or laser hair removal in the week prior to your waxing appointment.

5. It is a good idea, especially for people with a lower pain threshold, to take ibuprofen before your appointment.  It can really help with discomfort.

6.  It is best to wear loose-fitting clothes to the appointment. You don’t want anything that is too restrictive or could potentially chafe.  White cotton panties are best, as some dyes can irritate the freshly waxed skin die to the exfoliation that occurs during waxing.

7.  A good waxing room should be private and comfortable.  You will be shown to the room and left to disrobe.  Feel free to ask any questions you might have.  No question is too personal, and if you are curious about something, you are certainly not the first.  Don’t be shy, because we aren’t!

8. Let your Esthetician know if you are taking any medications.  A good salon will have a comprehensive form for you to fill out before your procedure that will cover this.  Some medications can leave the skin extremely sensitive.

9. Don’t be embarrassed!  Remember, if you have chosen the right place, they have conducted thousands of these services.  You are not going to be judged, and you are not weird!  The job is clinical in nature, and your Esthetician is a trained professional.  You will initially feel a little anxious and self conscious, but you will quickly get to the point that you drop trousers and jump on the bed like an old vet :).

10. A successful waxing experience is very much dependant on the aftercare! It is worth it to purchase a quality aftercare product from your salon.  It will help exfoliate and minimize discomfort and ingrown hairs.  Follow your Esthetician’s aftercare instructions strictly.  A good salon will provide you with a post-wax regimen.

With all of that you should have an amazing waxing experience and you will quickly find out what all the buzz is about!  Especially after a blissful and fun Valentine’s Day!




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