Pay Attention…to Your Skin

Whew!  That was a crazy couple of weeks!  Thank you all for your patience as I tried to get as many of you in as possible in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s.  I set new records for services performed during this stretch.  It was so fun to see so many of you and hear about your plans for Valentine’s.

I know we are all aching for warmer weather, but this cold, breezy mess is what we have for now, and that means dry skin.  I had a new client come in the other day who was experiencing dry skin like he never had in the past.  We got him set up with a simple, effective routine and product regimen customized to his specific needs.  He let me know yesterday that he has seen great results.  He said his skin has not felt this good in ages.

Those of you who have used Rhonda Allison products know what he is talking about.  There is such a difference when you have a process and products that are customized to your skin needs, and contain the highest quality, most advanced ingredients.  There really is a difference.  One thing that often surprises my clients is how cost effective it can be.  With high quality products you are able to use far less product and get results, so in the end many see only nominally higher costs associated with top of the line product use.

Come in and let me set you up with a regimen that will be ideal for your skin!  Nothing makes me happier than seeing the transformation that the correct use of appropriate products makes possible.



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