The Waning Summer

Here comes the autumn weather!  Truly one of my favorite times on the Palouse!  All the students are back and the town is abuzz with excitement.  Summer is always so fun, but come this time of year I am ready for a jacket in the evening!

I survived my trip to visit family…well, I did have a little fender bender in a parking lot, but other than that the trip was fairly drama free.  It was coming home that got crazy!  On top of playing catch-up from the trip, my older daughter broke her arm while skating at a park. She is all casted up now, and healing fine but that was not a fun mommy moment!

I have loved seeing some faces that I have not seen during the summer break, and also the new people.  Each incoming group seems to have a distinct personality.  I’m excited to see what this group brings.  Sorority Scream Parties are really some of my favorite events…I’ve never laughed so hard!  So bring it on Vandals and Cougs!  We are ready to keep you smooth!



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